Dhootha Web Series Review: First of its kind on OTT Space


Dhootha Web Series Review: Naga Chaitanya, celebrated for his impactful performances in Telugu Cinema, takes a bold step into the realm of OTT platforms with his unconventional debut in the Amazon Prime Video’s Web series, Dhootha, a supernatural thriller. This marks a significant shift for the actor as he embraces the episodic format of storytelling, a departure from the traditional cinematic experience and also acts in a never before seen role. Also, Vikram K Kumar is well known for presenting new stories to audience with his remarkable way of storytelling in movies like Gangleader, Manam, 24, 13B and others.

Dhootha Web Series Review

Amazon Prime Video is waiting for another PAN India blockbuster Web Series after The Family Man. Last they have delivered some splendid Web Series like The Family Man season 1 & 2, Paatal Lok and others. However, Prime Video needs a series that can pull all the OTT audience from all languages in one shot. The team of Dhootha expecting the same level of reach given to The Family Man by Indian binge watchers. However, we need to wait and see how far this Series will hook the audience till the last Episode and how better watching experience will be. Keeping that aside, Telugu Viz has come up with the Dhootha Web Series Review, its technical aspects, analysis, plus and minus points with final verdict and rating. Let us have a look into the below sub sections for Dhootha Web series review.

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Dhootha Web Series Review: Naga Chaitanya makes his OTT Debut

There are a few things that make a supernatural thriller good. First, it needs to be suspenseful. The viewer should be kept on the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen next. Second, it needs to be scary. The supernatural elements should be genuinely frightening. Third, it needs to be thought-provoking. The film should leave the viewer with something to think about after the credits roll. Let us do analyzing Dhootha Web Series Review in all these aspects.

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Series NameDhootha (2023)
OTT PlatformAmazon Prime Video
OTT Release Date30th December, 2023
Total Episodes8 Episodes, 255 minutes
GenreSupernatural Thriller/ Horror
Audio LanguagesTelugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, others
WritersVikram K Kumar
DirectorVikram K Kumar
ProducerSharrath Marar
CastNaga Chaitanya Akkineni, Prachi Desai, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Sathyapriya Bhavani Shankar


Dhootha is a Supernatural thriller series, Every Episode Will be like a climax, it’s an 8 Days Story and we’ve shot in the rain for 100 days, says the director Vikram K Kumar. The story of the film is not yet revealed by the makers but as per the Trailer released on Prime Video app, we can witness some intersting concept oriented film is going to knock our OTT door.

Highly corrupted Journalist Sagar’s life turns thrilling as he unravels dark secrets behind newspapers predicting tragedies. He becomes a murder suspect, racing against time to clear his name and solve the enigma, facing dangerous twists. Suspense builds in this roller-coaster ride.

Dhootha Season 1 Episodes:

  • S1 E1 – The Puzzle
  • S1 E2 – Editorial Cartoon
  • S1 E3 – Horoscope
  • S1 E4 – Crime Report
  • S1 E5 – Page 3
  • S1 E6 – This Day, That Year
  • S1 E7 – Continued on Page 6
  • S1 E8 – Headlines

Plus Points:

  • The content looks ver refreshing
  • Cinematography is splendid
  • BGM of the Webseries is Outstanding
  • Production Values are good
  • Performances of all the artists are remarkable
  • The content is Engaging till the last Eisode
  • The dots connected very well b/w Flashback and Present Times
  • Screenplay played a big role in keeping up the engagement
  • Inherently Dhootha is a message Oriented Film on Corruption in News media and Journalism

Minus Points:

  • Flashback episode lags
  • Slightly resembles other movies like 13B and Vaishali in few aspects
  • Killing Raghu Kunche character in the Climax is a dumb thing without showing negative side of it

Inspired from 13B Movie?

The idea of Dhootha could be inspired from 13B movie, directed by Vikram K Kumar himself, but completely turns out into a different mode from the Episode 2 with the entry of Parvathy Thiruvothu as an Investigation officer.

Dhootha Review:

Dhootha follows all the principles of a supernatural thriller. If you are looking for a truly haunting and supernatural thriller, then “Dhootha” is a must-see. This film is not for the faint of heart, but it is sure to stay with you long after the credits roll..

We hope you enjoyed this movie review. Please let me know your feedback with your valuable comments.

Final Verdict:

Dhootha is a first of its kind series in OTT space with the concept of Supernaturality. With an Inherent Message, Dhootha is a tight slap on the Face of Paid Media and corrupition in Journalism. Finally, Dhootha is a must-watch,With its blend of thrills, chills, and heart, it’s a series that will leave you wanting more.


Telugu Viz rates 3.75 out of 5 stars for its amazing binge watching experience in Telugu.

3.75 Out of 5 Stars

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