The Village Web Series Review: An Indian Version of Wrong Turn


The Village Web Series Review: The latest thriller webseries “THE VILLAGE” is currently available on Amazon Prime Video in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and other languages. The A rated series is primarily based on the virus breakout in a village called Kattiyal and revolves around a series of deaths and missings in that cursed village. The highlight of the series is a lot of drama uinlike the traditional Thriller and Horror movies with a simple flashback, also the emotions carried very well till the last episode.

The Village Web Series Review

First thing first, The village is not a Hero centric regular thriller film. Arya is just one of the characters in the film while most of the plot is driven by other main characters played by Aadukalam Naren, Muthukumar. K, George Maryan, John Kokken, Sunny PN and others. On a overall note, the series gives us the feel of “Wrong Turn” movie but is completely relatable to Indian village nativity.

The Village Web Series Review | Amazon Prime Video

Series NameThe Village (2023)
OTT PlatformAmazon Prime Video
Total Episodes6 Episodes, 255 minutes
Audio LanguagesTelugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, others
WritersDeepthi Govindarajan, Deeraj, Milind Rau
DirectorMilind Rau
CastArya, Aadukalam Naren, Muthukumar. K, Divya Pillai, George Maryan, John Kokken, Sunny PN, Jayaprakash


The Village Web Series on Prime Video with 6 episodes is a story of Gautham , a doctor, is married to Neha, and they have a daughter named Maya along with a dog named Hectic! While on a road trip from Chennai to Thoothukudi, their car breaks down in a haunted village called Kattiyal. Good storyline, Make Up Department surely needs an appreciation. Personally felt some lag in some portions and over all a decent watch.

The Virus breakout in a small village called Kattiyal makes Humans turn into new Monsters like creatures, similar to Wrong Turn. The monsters, to survive the existence of their species kills Male Humans and animals for Food while Female Humans used to give Birth of their new monster streak, which is quite interesting. But the series lacks seriousness when it comes to the end episode but managed to keep the audience engaged.

Plus Points:

  • Overall Theme
  • Make Up Department
  • Action Sequences
  • Production design
  • Lot of Drama and story connections
  • Emotional Scenes (Viz, When Naren meets his daughter)
  • The perfect ending which drives to The Village Season 2

Minus Points:

  • Lack of seriousness in negative character played by Sunny PN, at some point of time audience would feel that monster creatures are more dangerous than their leader
  • Regular Flashback episode of the Scientist played by Jayaprakash

Final Verdict:

The films production quality looks amazing along with the artists performance, drama and action. On a whole The Village Web Series is a worth watching and engaging series on Amazon Prime Video.


Telugu Viz rates 3 out of 5 stars for its engaging content.

3 Out of 5

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