‘Sasi Madhanam’ Series Review


An introduction to Soniya Singh and Pavan Sidhu is unnecessary. Over the years, their YouTube videos have amused me.

With their Sasi Madanam series, the pair debuted on OTT. Let’s start our evaluation of the show, which is currently available to stream on ETV Win.

The central story revolves around Madhan (played by Pavan Sidhu) and Sasi (Soniya Singh), who had been together for a very long period. One lovely day, Madhan visited Sasi’s house when Sasi’s parents were away at a wedding. The story takes a turn when their parents unexpectedly return home.

The chemistry between Soniya Singh and Pavan Sidhu is Sasi Madhanm’s greatest asset. Furthermore, the humor was a great addition.

Only a couple of the six episodes make us laugh, and most of the show is uninteresting due to strong feelings and unneeded situations.

Soniya Singh and Pavan Sidhu gave a very natural performance. Rehan Shaik is passable, Sinjith Yerramilli’s music is good, and Sasi Madanam is good technically.

All in all, Sasi Madanam is worth seeing once for a few enjoyable moments.

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