Nindha Movie Review: A Slow-Burning Thriller Worth Watching


Varun Sandesh’s newest thriller, Nindha, has hit the theatres after much anticipation generated by its intriguing trailer. Let’s delve into how the film holds up.

The story is set in the village of Kanndrakota, focusing on the murder of a resident named Manju. Balaraju (played by Chatrapathi Shekhar), a local man, is arrested for the crime and sentenced to life imprisonment by Judge Satyanandam (portrayed by Tanikella Bharani).

The narrative takes an unexpected turn when it’s revealed that Balaraju is innocent. The crux of the film then revolves around how Judge Satyanandam’s son, Vivek, unravels the mystery and seeks justice.

Thrillers thrive on a gripping screenplay, but Nindha falls short in this department. While the film features compelling twists and turns in both halves, its sluggish pacing detracts from the overall experience.

Varun Sandesh delivers a solid performance as Vivek, with commendable support from Tanikella Bharani, Chatrapathi Shekhar, and the rest of the cast. On the technical front, Nindha excels. Omkar’s music provides a fitting background score, and Ramiz’s cinematography enhances the film’s visual appeal.

Director Rajesh Jagannath has chosen an intriguing storyline, but his execution lacks the necessary engagement to make it fully effective. In conclusion, despite its slow-paced screenplay, Nindha remains a watchable thriller with notable performances and technical strengths.

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