Vijay Sethupathi’s Maharaja Movie Review


Makkal Selvan’s milestone 50th film, Maharaja, has hit theaters in both Telugu and Tamil. Notably, Vijay Sethupathi has been more vocal in promoting this film in Tamil than elsewhere.

Maharaja tells the story of a barber named Maharaja who enjoys a peaceful life with his wife and daughter. The plot thickens when he files a missing persons report for Laxmi, and unraveling the mystery of who Laxmi is forms the crux of the film.

The movie begins on a strong note and maintains its momentum throughout. While the storyline is straightforward, the use of non-linear narration adds a distinctive touch.

The film’s emotional elements are effectively portrayed, and Vijay Sethupathi’s performance stands out, showcasing his acting prowess. Anurag Kashyap, despite his limited screen time, delivers a commendable performance.

The director has adeptly combined dramatic moments with thrilling sequences. However, the non-linear format might occasionally perplex the audience.

In summary, Maharaja is a well-crafted emotional thriller that is worth watching for all types of audiences.

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