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Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Movie Review & Rating: Oor Peru Bhairavakona (ఊరు పేరు భైరవకోన) is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language supernatural fantasy thriller film directed by Vi Anand, from a story written by Bhanu Bogavarapu. It was produced by Razesh Danda and co-produced by Balaji Gutta, under Hasya Movies, and presented by Anil Sunkara, under AK Entertainments. It stars Sundeep Kishan, Kavya Thapar, Varsha Bollamma, Vennela Kishore and Harsha Chemudu.

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Movie Review

The film has been shot in the Nallamala Hills of Andhra Pradesh. The film’s music is composed by Mani Sharma, while the cinematography is handled by Anith. Oor Peru Bhairavakona is scheduled to be released on February 16, 2024. Oor Peru Bhairavakona is a much-awaited Telugu film that is expected to be a box office success.

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Movie Review & Rating | First Review from Special Premieres

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona is a Telugu movie starring Sundeep Kishan, Varsha Bollamma, and Kavya Thapar in prominent roles. It is directed by Vi Anand.

Movie NameOoru Peru Bhairavakona (2024)
GenreHorror, Fantasy Adventure
Release Date16 February 2024
CastSundeep Kishan, Kavya Thapar, Varsha Bollamma, Vennela Kishore and others
MusicShekar Chandra
DOPRaj Thota
EditorChota K Prasad
DirectorVI Anand
ProducerAnil Sunkara


The film’s story is set in the fictional village of Bhairavakona, which is said to be haunted by a mysterious force. The film follows the journey of a young man named Sundeep (played by Sundeep Kishan), who returns to his ancestral village after many years. He soon discovers that the village is not what it used to be, and that the mysterious force is real.

Plus Points:

  • The film’s director, Vi Anand, is a well-known Telugu film director who has directed films such as Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnaada (2006), Ala Modalaindi (2011) and Jabardasth (2013).
  • Special effects are top-notch, and the performances by the cast are excellent
  • The film’s cast includes some of the most popular Telugu actors, such as Sundeep Kishan, Kavya Thapar, Varsha Bollamma, Vennela Kishore and Harsha Chemudu.
  • The film’s music is composed by Shekar Chandra, who is one of the successful music composers in Telugu cinema.
  • The film’s cinematography is handled by Anith, who is a well-known cinematographer in Telugu cinema.

Minus Points:

  • Some scenes in this movie could have been better

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Telugu Movie Review

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona, starring Sundeep Kishan, Kavya Thapar, and Varsha Bollamma, was released on February 9, 2024. The movie has received a positive response from the audience and critics alike. The movie begins with a shot of a village named Bhairavakona, which is said to be haunted by a ghost. Sundeep Kishan plays the role of a young man who is dared to spend a night in the village. He is joined by his friends, played by Kavya Thapar and Varsha Bollamma. The movie then shows a series of spooky events that take place in the village. The friends are attacked by ghosts, and they soon realize that they are in danger. Sundeep Kishan’s character must find a way to save himself and his friends from the evil spirits. The movie is well-made and suspenseful. The special effects are impressive, and the performances by the cast are convincing. The movie has created a buzz around the film, and it is expected to be a box office success.

Final Verdict:

One of the best Telugu films in this Genre. This is the kind of Horror, Fantasy Adventure film everyone loves to watch. It’s scary, but it’s also engaging.


Telugu Viz rates 2.75 out of 5 stars based on the talk from early shows, Viz. Ooru Peru Bhairavakona movie Reviews from special premiers in Hyderabad and as well as US premiers.

2.75 Out of 5

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