List of Upcoming Hollywood Movies 2024 | US, India


List of Upcoming Hollywood Movies 2024 | US, India: On average, around 35 to 40 movies are released in the US and Canada each month, but this number has fluctuated over the years, influenced by factors like the pandemic and streaming services. In March 2024, anticipate an array of blockbuster movie releases, including the highly-anticipated Dune: Part Two, a fresh installment of Ghostbusters, and thrilling MonsterVerse action. This month offers an exciting lineup of cinematic experiences, marking the conclusion of the early-year lull. Explore an array of major releases from renowned franchises, with ample streaming options for home entertainment. Whether you’re diving into the epic continuation of Dune: Part Two or wrapping up the month with the spectacle of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, there’s a plethora of movies to savor throughout March.

There are also seasonal trends in Hollywood releases, with: Higher concentrations of films in summer months (May to July) and the holiday season (November to December). These times are typically targeted for releasing big-budget “blockbusters” aimed at attracting larger audiences. Lower release numbers in months like January and August, sometimes referred to as “dump months” by the industry, where studios might release films with less commercial potential.

List of Upcoming Hollywood Movies 2024 March | US, India | Theaters & OTT

Movie TitleRelease DatePlatform
Dune: Part TwoMarch 1, 2024Theaters
Megamind vs. The Doom SyndicateMarch 1, 2024Peacock
Outlaw PosseMarch 1, 2024Limited
ScrambledMarch 1, 2024VOD/Digital
SpacemanMarch 1, 2024Netflix
ProblemistaMarch 1, 2024Limited
The Roundup: No Way OutMarch 1, 2024VOD/Digital
Frankenstein LegacyMarch 4, 2024VOD/Digital
T-BlockersMarch 5, 2024VOD/Digital
Before I Change My MindMarch 5, 2024VOD/Digital
Ricky StanickyMarch 7, 2024Prime Video
Poor ThingsMarch 7, 2024Hulu
ImaginaryMarch 8, 2024Theaters
Kung Fu Panda 4March 8, 2024Theaters
CabriniMarch 8, 2024Theaters
5lbs of PressureMarch 8, 2024Limited
Night ShiftMarch 8, 2024VOD/Digital
DamselMarch 8, 2024Netflix
Love Lies BleedingMarch 8, 2024Limited
Accidental TexanMarch 8, 2024Limited
The LionheartMarch 12, 2024Max
Silver HazeMarch 12, 2024VOD/Digital
One-Percent WarrirorMarch 12, 2024VOD/Digital
Little WingMarch 13, 2024Paramount+
Arthur the KingMarch 14, 2024Theaters
The American Society of Magical NegroesMarch 14, 2024Theaters
Snack ShackMarch 14, 2024Theaters
Knox Goes AwayMarch 14, 2024Theaters
Trolls Band TogetherMarch 14, 2024Peacock
Irish WishMarch 14, 2024Netflix
InvaderMarch 14, 2024Limited
Club ZeroMarch 14, 2024Limited
Road HouseMarch 21, 2024Prime Video
Ghostbusters: Frozen EmpireMarch 22, 2024Theaters
ImmaculateMarch 22, 2024Theaters
Sleeping DogsMarch 22, 2024Theaters
Luca (Re-Release)March 22, 2024Theaters
Late Night With The DevilMarch 22, 2024Limited
ShirleyMarch 22, 2024Netflix
You’ll Never Find MeMarch 22, 2024Shudder
Godzilla x Kong: The New EmpireMarch 29, 2024Theaters
The Lie: The Murder of Grace MillaneMarch 29, 2024VOD/Digital
DogManMarch 29, 2024Limited
The Wages of FearMarch 29, 2024Netflix
Wicked Little LettersMarch 29, 2024Limited
The Beautiful GameMarch 29, 2024Netflix
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