Love Mouli Movie Review


After a significant hiatus, actor Navdeep returns to the big screen with the lead role in “Love Mouli,” reintroducing himself as Navdeep 2.0. The promotional material generated substantial excitement among movie enthusiasts. Let’s delve into how the film stands up to the anticipation.

“Love Mouli” revolves around the theme of true love. The protagonist, Mouli, is burdened by a troubled past that makes him skeptical of love. Unexpectedly, he acquires a magical painting brush that enables him to create a woman of his dreams. Chitra enters his life, and the ensuing events form the crux of the story.

While “Love Mouli” boasts a straightforward plot, its unique narrative style sets it apart. The first half, despite showcasing stunning locations, drags with a slow-paced screenplay, potentially testing viewers’ patience. However, the second half gains momentum, engaging the audience until the climax.

Navdeep deserves praise for embracing such a daring subject. His portrayal is a standout feature, and he delivers a commendable performance. Pankhuri Gidwani excels in her role, and the supporting cast also contributes effectively. Rana Daggubati’s surprising cameo adds an unexpected twist.

On the technical front, “Love Mouli” impresses, particularly with its location choices. Filmed predominantly in the scenic landscapes of Meghalaya, the visuals are breathtaking. Govind Vasantha’s music, while good, lacks a lasting impact, and Ajay Sivasanker’s cinematography is commendable.

Director Avaneendra opted for a simple story but presented it in a refreshingly different manner. Despite the slow-paced narration, he manages to keep the audience engaged.

In summary, “Love Mouli” is a decent watch with its own unique charm, though it might not cater to everyone’s taste.

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