‘Srimanthudu’ Copyright Dispute: High Court Rejects Koratala Siva’s Bid


In a significant development for the ongoing copyright infringement case against renowned Indian filmmaker Kortala Siva, the Telangana High Court has ruled not to quash the proceedings against him. This landmark decision comes in response to a complaint filed by the author and novelist Sarath Chandra, who accuses Koratala Siva’s film “Srimanthudu” of being a direct copy of his novel “Chachhentha Prema.”

Srimanthudu Copyright Dispute

This decision by the High Court paves the way for the case to proceed further, potentially exposing Koratala Siva to face the prosecution under the Copyright Act. The court’s refusal to quash the proceedings indicates that they deem Chandra’s claims to hold enough merit to warrant further investigation and potential legal action.

As per the court Judgement and According to the Writers Committe decision, it is cleared that this film falls under the scope of copyright infringement. However, The case against the producers (Naveen Yerneni, Yalamanchili Ravi, Shankar Mohan Cherukuri) was dismissed but the judge ruled that the director should face prosecution under the Copyright Act. The judgment clearly shows that security for authors is still alive and well in today’s digital world.

The outcome of this case has significant implications for both the film industry and the realm of intellectual property rights in India. It sets a precedent for how copyright infringement claims within the film industry will be handled in the future. Additionally, it highlights the importance of protecting creative works and ensuring that artists receive due credit and compensation for their intellectual property.

As the case continues to unfold, it will be crucial to follow the developments closely and see how the court ultimately resolves this complex and nuanced issue of copyright infringement within the context of the Telugu film industry.

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