Pushpa, ANIMAL & Kabir Singh are TOXIC, Says Congress MP


Over the last few days, the word TOXIC has become popular in INDIAN film industry. Some of the political leaders and social workers marking ANIMAL movie as a toxic to the society and children, interestingly, KGF fame Yash announced his upcoming filed titled TOXIC. Keeping Yash’s upcoming film TOXIC aside, the characters in ANIMAL movie really become Toxic to the society as per some of the social activists and political leaders.

Pushpa ANIMAL Kabir Singh are TOXIC Movies

The impact of Indian Cinema on the current generation seems to be deteriorating with each passing day, The cinema can influence in a postive way such as shaping younger generations aspirations, lifestyles, and even their perception of reality, but stars like Ranbir portraying negative shade characters will definitely gives a strong bad impact on the society. This concern is raised by some of the notable Congress leaders and others in the Zero Hours in Rajya Sabha.

During the Zero Hour in the Rajya Sabha on December 7, Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan delivered a passionate address condemning the Ranbir Kapoor’s recent release ‘Animal.’ She strongly criticized the film for its depiction of violence and misogyny, denouncing it as both “shameful” and a “detrimental influence on society.”

Chhattisgarh’s Congress MP, Ranjit Ranjan, brought attention to the detrimental influence of cinema on the youth during a parliamentary session. He highlighted that cinema often reflects societal norms but expressed concern over certain recent movies that depict excessive violence. Specifically referencing films like ‘Kabir Singh,’ ‘Pushpa,’ and ‘Animal,’ emphasized the negative impact these movies may have on the younger generation.

Expressing skepticism towards the Censor Board’s decision to approve such films, Ranjeet Ranjan argued that such movies contribute nothing positive to society. Instead, she argued, they perpetuate harmful stereotypes and behaviors. Her address underscored the importance of responsible filmmaking and the potential repercussions of media content that endorses violence and mistreatment of women.

She also brought attention to concerns about usage of the song ‘Phadke Gandasi’ in the film. Ranjan expressed reservations about how the song portrayed a history marked by gang conflicts and intense family rivalries, where a son sacrifices himself for his father’s affection. She criticized the depiction of violence using weapons in schools and buildings, without any legal repercussions depicted in the film. Ranjan expressed worry that the film seemed to justify such actions.

Further she mentioned that Films like Kabir Singh, Pushpa & Animal are glorifying toxic masculinity and impacting the thought process of society, especially the youth, says Congress MP RanjeetRanjan in Rajya Sabha.

Ranbir Kapoor, Bobby Deol, and Rashmika Mandanna starrer ‘Animal’ has been a significant success at the box office, raking in Rs 300 crore within a span of just 6 days. Surpassing the records set by earlier releases like ‘Jawan’ and ‘Pathan’ in the same year, the movie has gained immense popularity among audiences. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, known for ‘Kabir Singh,’ the film has garnered both praise and criticism for its content.

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