Nani Visits Dallas, NJ/NY, Bay Area “Hi Nanna” Theaters on This Date


Nani Visits Dallas, NJ/NY, Bay Area Theaters: Helmed by Shouryuv, Hi Nanna features Nani and Mrunal Thakur in pivotal roles, supported by Shruti Haasan and esteemed actors such as Priyadarshi and Jayaram. The music for the project is orchestrated by Hesham Abdul Wahab, and it is produced by Vyra Entertainments. Nani holds a strong presence in the USA, making it the top-performing market for Hi Nanna at present. The USA distributor has already announced Nani’s plans to meet fans and tour Dallas theaters, solidifying the movie’s impact in the region.

nani visits usa theaters hi nanna promotions dates

The movie released on December 07th, 2023 with positive reviews but the too many emotions in the film making mass audience away. Looks like Nani aware of this while the shoot of Hi Nanna itself, in order to overcome the loss of mass audiences, He is now aiming for the Overseas advantage. We all know Nani’s classy films works very well at the Overseas market and most of his previous films crossed million dollars club. So, in order to take this advantage, Nani is now planning for a tour to meet USA fans in Dallas, New Jersey, New york and Bay Area, the dates of visit are as follows.

nani visits dallas for hi nanna promotions
nani visits new jersey and new york for hi nanna promotions
actor nani visits bay area

The USA stands out as the prime market for Nani, and it currently proves to be the most successful territory for Hi Nanna. Nani’s upcoming visit is poised to considerably bolster the movie’s promotion. The USA distributor had already announced Nani’s plans to engage with fans and tour Dallas theaters, solidifying the film’s outreach in the region.

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