List of Most Trolled Telugu Movies in 2023


List of Most Trolled Telugu Movies in Recent Times: There are many reasons why people troll movies, and the motivations can be complex and varied. There are some instances where trolls can actually be funny and make us laugh. We usually see trolls on social media and they make us laugh for a while. If we talk about most trolled telugu movies in 2023, Skanda bags the first place for sure.

Most Trolled Telugu Movies in 2023

Saknda has quickly emerged as one of the most trolled Telugu films in recent times. Almost all the aspects of the film, including the action sequences, and the farcical direction of the reputed Boyapati are under the pump. There are several trolls, memes and videos of Skanda on social media now and they are all going viral. Netizens are sharing clippings from Skanda and are pointing out that Boyapati have put on a cringe show with the over action of the actors. Now the latest Telugu release Aadikeshava joined this list. Unfortunately, Sreeleela is the Female lead in all most trolled films of Telugu trollers and meme pages in 2023.

List of Most Trolled Telugu Movies in 2023

Below is the List of Most Trolled Telugu Movies in 2023.

#1 Skanda

Released on 28th September 2023, Skanda has been trolled heavily by the Telugu trollers including audiences. People are laughing at the action sequences of Skanda after some detailed pointers disclosed by Telugu meme pages after its OTT release. Especially the Boyapati’s appearance in the Fight sequence and same person appearing multiple times, Over dialogues of Manikanta Raju played by Daggubati Raja and Srikanth to uplift the Heroism of Ram pothineni, etc have been under the scanner of trollers.

#2 Aadikeshava

The second number goes to Aadikeshava in this list. This is the one more Mega film with zero expectations of 2023 after Bhola Shankar, Mega fans also not shown any interest to wacth this film as there is no new element except some regular and routine story. Eventually the films has become puppet in the hands of trollers for its action sequences again.

#3 Adipurush

The movie on its OTT release has yet again received fresh criticism and backlash over its visuals and graphics in more detailed way. Now, after the OTT release, most sections of the audience have watched the film for the first time and now it’s getting more trolls and negativity. Everyone feels Om Raut and team made a terrible version of Ramayana and that it was a disgrace to Sriram.

#4 Chandramukhi 2

This horror drama featuring Lawrence and Kangana Ranaut in the main roles is being heavily trolled on the internet. It is safe to say that no other film in 2023 has received this much of criticism and trolls. Especially, Kangana’s song clips from this movie are doing rounds on social media and the trolling is quite heavy.

#5 Bhola Shankar

Bhola Shankar is trolled mostly becuase of the comparisons with the Tamil version otherwise it can be ignored. Meher Ramesh heavily trolled for choosing worst remake with Mega Star, unable to utilize the opportunity.

#6 Agent

Agent looks good when it comes to the production values, storyline and others but its is completely a failure in presentation. Surender Reddy failed to present Akhil as per the fans expectations, the long gair attire of Akhil in the movie presented very badly, not in sink espcially in the action sequences. Do you know? Attire matters in Tollywood.

#7 Rangabali

The movie created buzz with its promotional activities trolling Telugu Journalists but after its release it got trolled in reverse for its worst storyline and reviewers marked it as Audience Bali for its worst Second half.

#8 Varasudu/ Varisu

Netizens started trolling Varisu after its releasing by saying that Varisu is similar to Telugu films Brindavanam and Agnyaathavaasi.

#9 BRO

We all know now remakes are not feasible in the Tollywood anymore becuase of the digital media crossing its boundaries. Similarly, BRO also trolled by fans to stop this Tamil to Telugu remake, Sai Dharam Tej also reacted to the negative trolls on PKSDT movie. He stated he has seen all the trolls of fans to stop the movie, but once again he affirmed that fans will feel proud and raise their collar after watching the movie. Like what SDT said on stage BRO satisfied majority of the Mega fans after its theatrical release.

#10 Chatrapathi

Bellamkonda Sai trolled in Telugu even the film got released in only Hindi version. The film trolled lately by comparing performances of Prabhas and Sai Sreenivas but very less compared with other remakes.

The best way to deal with a troll is often to simply ignore them. Don’t feed into their negativity and give them the attention they crave.

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