List of Highest Grossing Telugu Movies 2023


List of Highest Grossing Telugu Movies 2023: Even though there are no many big releases in 2023, some of the Telugu films have done extremely well at Box Office. The year end has brought the good vibe to the Tollywood with movies like Salaar and Bhagavanth Kesari. Both the films have witnessed good no.of footfalls followed by Hi Nanna.

Highest Grossing Telugu Movies 2023

Highest Grossing Telugu Movies 2023

In the year 2023, Telugu movies with medium budget like Sir, Virupaksha, Dasara, Balagam, Polimera 2, Keeda Cola have seen success. Overall 2023 is a good year for Tollywood if considered total no.of releases and success ratio. Let’s have a look into the Highest Grossing Telugu Movies 2023 in sequence order.

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List of Highest Grossing Telugu Movies 2023

Below is teh list with Highest Grossing Telugu Movies 2023 in descending order. Expect the last two films, all of them are successful at Box Office.

Sl.NoMovie NameWorld Wide GrossHit/Flop
1.AdipurushRs.360 CrDisaster
2.Waltari VeerayyaRS.250 CrBlockbuster
3.Veera Simha ReddyRs.137 CrSuper Hit
4.SirRs.132 CrSuper Hit
5.VirupakshaRs.130 CrBlockbuster
6.DasaraRs.120 CrSuper Hit
7.Bhagavanth KesariRs.120 CrSuper Hit
8BabyRs.80 CrBlockbuster
9.SkandaRs.65 CrDisaster
10.BRORS.60 CrDisaster
11.KushiRS.50 CrDisaster
12.Bhola ShankarRS.40 CrDisaster
13.JailerRS.32 CrBlockbuster
14.LeoRS.30 CrBlockbuster
15.BalagamRS.22 CrBlockbuster
16.Polimera 2RS.22 CrSuper Hit
17.BedurlankaRs.18 CrSuper Hit

What are the Most profitable Telugu Movies in 2023?

Based on the budget and collections at Box Office Worldwide, Waltair Veerayya is the most successful Telugu film followed by Balagam, Baby and Polimera 2.

What are the top 5 highest grossing Telugu movies 2023?

  1. Waltair Veerayya
  2. Veera Simha Reddy
  3. Virupaksha
  4. Dasara
  5. Bhagavanth Kesari

Which Telugu movie run for highest no.of Days in 2023?

Waltair Veerayya is the only Telugu movie which run for more than 300 days in 1 center, Avanigadda.

BRO is a Hit film or Flop?

PawanKalyan’s most awaited Telugu film Bro is a disaster film at Box Office.

Which Telugu Movie Has Seen highest Footfalls in 2023?

Waltair Veerayya has seen highest no.of footfalls in 2023 followed by Bro, Veera Simha Reddy and Dasara.

Which is the most successful small budget film in 2023?

Balagam is the most successful Telugu small film in 2023 with all new actors.

Which is the musical Hit film of 2023?

Kushi is the musical hit film of 2023

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