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Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 Release Dates: We are here to reveal the release dates for the upcoming Telugu movies and it looks incredible. We all know Tollywood producers declares the Release dates mostly on the date of shoot begins for a new film. A planning will be made in advance to reserve the Theaters and alert the fans, this is the tradition followed by Telugu filmmakers from long time. However, a few films not able to release on the same date as planned because of various issues.

upcoming telugu movies 2024 release date

Telugu Viz proudly presenting the list of upcoming Telugu movies 2024 release date in advance to alert the fans. There are numerous no.of films and exciting content being ready for screening in 2024 starting with Salaar a bit earlier than New Year, releasing on December 22nd Worldwide. However, the new year of 2024 is going to be quick started with the most expected film of the year Gunturu Karam on January 12th, 2024 followed by many other big releases like OG, Pushpa, Kalki, Vishwambhara and many others.

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Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 Release Dates

Are you seeking for Telugu cinema new releases? Are you feeling boredom and checking some exciting new Telugu movies? If yes, then you’re in luck! There are some amazing Telugu movies lined up for release in the coming months. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the list of upcoming Telugu movie release Dates in theaters start from January 2024.

Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 Release Dates in March

Movie NameRelease Date
Operation Valentine01 March, 2024
Kick (Re Release)01 March, 2024
Bhimaa08 March, 2024
Gaami08 March, 2024
Record Break08 March, 2024
Babu08 March, 2024
Bullet08 March, 2024
We Love Bad Boys08 March, 2024
Premalu (Dub)08 March, 2024
Amazon Cobra (Dub)08 March, 2024
Raju Gari Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi09 March, 2024
Vey Dharuvey15 March, 2024
Tantra15 March, 2024
Line man15 March, 2024
Razakar15 March, 2024
Sarvam Siddam15 March, 2024
Sharathulu Varthisthai15 March, 2024
KungFu Panda4 (Dub)15 March, 2024
Nuvvu Nenu (Re-Release)21 March, 2024

Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 Release Dates in February

Movie NameRelease Date
Ambajipeta Marriage Band02nd February, 2024
Bootcut Balaraju02nd February, 2024
Kismat02nd February, 2024
Dheera02nd February, 2024
Chiclets02nd February, 2024
Game On02nd February, 2024
Happy Ending02nd February, 2024
Yatra 208th February, 2024
Eagle09th February, 2024
Laal Salaam09th February, 2024
True Lover10th February, 2024
Oye (Re Release)14th February, 2024
Sita Ramam (Re Release)14th February, 2024
Baby (Valentines Day Re Release)14th February, 2024
Surya S/o Krishnan ( Special)14th February, 2024
Rajadhani Files15th February, 2024
Bramayugam (Dub)15th February, 2024
Ooru Peru Bhaiaravakona16th February, 2024
Praveen IPS16th February, 2024
I Hate Love16th February, 2024
Drill16th February, 2024
Sundaram Master23rd February, 2024
Vyooham23rd February, 2024
Ground23rd February, 2024
Masthu Shades Unnai Ra23rd February, 2024
Mukhya Gamanika23rd February, 2024
Seetannapeta Gate23rd February, 2024
Siren(Dub)23rd February, 2024
Siddharth Roy23rd February, 2024
Joruga Hushaaruga Shikaru Podhama29th February, 2024

Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 Release Dates in January

Do you know? in the month of January, 2024, Telugu audience are going to witness various genre movies like Gunturu karam, Saindhav, Hanuman, Eagle, Naa Saami Ranga and many others. Let us have a look into the list of popular releases of January, 2024.

Movie NameRelease Date
Sarkaaru Noukari01st January, 2024
Double Engine05th January, 2024
Raghva Reddy05th January, 2024
14 Days Love05th January, 2024
Shaan05th January, 2024
Spider Is Back (Dub)05th January, 2024
Deenamma Jeevitham05th January, 2024
The Trial09th January, 2024
Hanuman12th January, 2024
Guntur Karam12th January, 2024
Saindhav13th January, 2024
Naa Saami Ranga14th January, 2024
Ayalaan (Dub)12th January, 2024
Merry Christmas (Dub)12th January, 2024
Captain Miller (Dub)25th January, 2024
Fighter (Dub)25th January, 2024
Malaikottai Vaaliban (Dub)25th January, 2024
Laal Salaam (Dub)09th February, 2024

Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 February

February is not a big month for Film releases. However, we see a lot of Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 Release Dates also. Its a kind of regular month completely based on the footfalls of Weekends unlike Festival Holidays.

Movie NameRelease Date
Chaari 111To be Announced
HaromharaTo be Announced
ThandelTo be Announced
Saripoda ShanivaramTo be Announced
KannappaTo be Announced
OGTo be Announced
VishwambharaTo be Announced

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