Sarkaaru Noukari OTT Release Date: Singer Sunitha Son’s Debut


Sarkaaru Noukari OTT Release Date: Singer Sunitha’s son, Akash Goparaju, is set to mark his debut in the acting world through the Telugu film “Sarkaaru Noukari.” Departing from the usual paths, Akash ventures into a distinctive approach for his first film. In this upcoming rural drama, he aims to convey a powerful message concerning the often-taboo topic of ‘sex.’

Sarkaru Naukari OTT Release Date

The movie’s creators assert that it will suit today’s youth’s tastes. Music for the movie is being written by Suresh Bobbili. Directed by Shekar Ganganamoni. Music by Sandilya Pisapati. Produced by RK Teleshow Pvt. Ltd., the film is slated for release on January 1st, 2024. It’ll be fascinating to witness how the filmmakers navigate the delicate balance between delivering a societal message and providing engaging entertainment.

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Sarkaaru Noukari OTT Release Date: Singer Sunitha Son’s Debut

The trailer introduces Akash as a government official employed in the health department. His character leads a seemingly content married life with a village woman until the community discovers the truth about his occupation. Akash’s role involves advocating for safe sex practices on behalf of the government. His efforts extend to distributing condoms to village health centers and households, aiming to promote awareness and safe practices.

However, the villagers, influenced by entrenched taboos surrounding the topic, misconstrue his intentions, leading to animosity towards him. Even his wife initially questions his actions, but Akash staunchly defends his purpose. The ensuing conflict presents a compelling narrative, set entirely within a rural backdrop. Such stories have traditionally faced challenges in finding success, yet the film’s ability to blend this social message within an entertaining format remains an intriguing aspect.

Cast & Crew:

Movie NameSarkaaru Noukari (2024)
WritersShekar Ganganamoni
DirectorShekar Ganganamoni
BGMSandilya Pisapati
MusicSandilya Pisapati
ProducersRK Teleshow Pvt. Ltd
CastAkash Goparaju and Bhavana Vazhapandal

Theatrical Release Date:

The makers have stated that it would be released in theaters globally on January 1, 2024. This will be the first Telugu film released in 2024.

Sarkaaru Noukari OTT Release Date:

Aha OTT platform is in talks with the makers to acquire the digital rights of Sarkaaru Noukari. However, the official confirmation awaited from both the parties.

January 2024 (Likely on Aha)

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