Jilebi Is Available For Streaming On This OTT Platform


Shivani Rajashekar starred in the film “Jilebi,” which was released on August 18, 2023, under the direction of K. Vijaya Bhaskar. After nearly a year, this romantic comedy is set to premiere on Aha Video on July 13, 2024.

The cast of “Jilebi” includes Sree Kamal, Shivani Rajashekar, Ankith Koyya, Sunny, Bumchick Babloo, Rajendra Prasad, Murli Sharma, and Getup Srinu, among others.

K. Vijaya Bhaskar helmed the project, with Mani Sharma providing the music. The cinematography was handled by Satish Muthyala.

The film was produced by Rama Krishna Gunturu and Anju Asrani under the banners of SRK Arts and Anju Asrani Kreations.

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