DeAr OTT Release Date, Digital Rights


DeAr OTT Release Date, Digital Rights: In the sprawling landscape of Tamil/Telugu cinema, the movie “DeAr” made its debut, starring GV Prakash Kumar and Aishwarya Rajesh. Directed by Anand Ravichandran, this romantic drama spins around a quirky yet relatable marital issue—excessive snoring. Despite the light-hearted premise aimed at exploring marital challenges, “DeAr” unfortunately didn’t make a significant impact at the box office.

DeAr OTT Release Date, Digital Rights

DeAr movie OTT rights were bagged by Netflix and streaming available from April 28, 2024. “DeAr” revolves around Arjun (played by GV Prakash Kumar), an ambitious news reader who aspires to become a renowned journalist. He marries Deepika (played by Aishwarya Rajesh), only to discover her severe snoring issue post-marriage, which complicates their life together. The narrative explores how Arjun handles this revelation and whether it brings them closer or drives a wedge between them. The film delicately handles themes of love, patience, and understanding within the framework of marriage.

DeAr OTT Release Date

After its theatrical release, “DeAr” is set to find a new audience on the digital platform Netflix starting on April 28, which is a Sunday. This gives the movie a chance to redeem itself by reaching a broader audience who prefer the comfort of home viewing. The film will premiere in multiple languages, aiming to capture a diverse viewer base across different linguistic demographics. This strategy could potentially enhance its reception far beyond its initial box-office performance.

Movie NameDeAr (2024)
Release Date12 April 2024
OTT Release Date28 April, 2024
CastGV Prakash Kumar, Aishwarya Rajesh & others
MusicGV Prakash Kumar
DOPJagadeesh Sundaramurthy
DirectorAnand Ravichandran
ProducerVarun Tripuraneni, Abhishek Ramisetty, G Pruthviraj

Cast & Crew

Aishwarya Rajesh, GV Prakash Kumar, and a few other individuals. GV Prakash is the composer of the film’s score, Jagadeesh Sundaramurthy is the cinematographer, Rukesh is the editor, and Varun Tripuaneni, Abhishek Ramisetty, and G Pruthviraj are the producers of the film. Anand Ravichandran is the director of the film.

Digital Rights and Satellite Rights

“DeAr” is set to embark on its second journey through its release on Netflix. This digital debut might just be the opportunity for the film to receive the appreciation missed in its theatrical run. With its unique premise and heartfelt execution, it has the potential to resonate with viewers looking for relatable content on marriage and the imperfections that come with it.

OTT Price of DeAr:

“DeAr” has been acquired by Netflix for a reported sum of Rs 2.5 crores, which indicates the streaming giant’s confidence in the film’s potential to attract viewers on its platform. This move not only benefits the makers by offsetting some of the losses from the theatrical release but also provides Netflix with exclusive content to enhance its catalog of regional films.

DeAr OTT Release Date:

Whether “DeAr” manages to charm its way into the hearts of viewers across the globe remains to be seen starting this April 28. As for viewers, they have the chance to dive into this story and perhaps find a slice of their own lives reflected on screen.

April 28, 2024 (Prime Video)

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